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As a veteran youth pastor turned pastoral counselor, I still enjoy volunteering with students. While one of my sons was in middle school years ago, he complained that he didn’t enjoy the recreation time at church because he wasn’t a basketball player, and that’s what was mostly available.

How It All Started

I had become aware of the game 9 Square in the Air and thought perhaps I could build one out of PVC for the church group to use, being careful not to infringe upon their patents. My first thought was to create an accordion type PVC structure that could fold flat against the wall. No luck, no luck whatsoever.

Because I like to tinker, make and fix things, I kept at it when I wasn’t sitting in the counselor’s chair. After a few more failed attempts to make a game structure using different kinds of materials, I got the eureka moment and came up with what is now known as Air Squares. The ability to pack the game up into a small bag the size of a portable chair was exciting and motivating. I decided to take the risk and start the company. It continues to be a great, wild ride.

Image of the owner
People enjoying Air Squares on the beach

Take Your
Fun With You

I’ve found that you can truly take this game anywhere. I have heard from some satisfied customers that they will take it on mission projects, because it’s only 12 lbs. and people can play together without even speaking the same language. I have also been excited to hear about PE teachers who use it as a part of their curriculum and after school programs.

My favorite place to play is at the beach. Where’s yours? I’d love to hear your Air Squares story. In the meantime, check out some other Air Square stories below.

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