How Air Squares and PE “dance” well together

Dance: (noun) move rhythmically, usually to music; an act or instance of dancing

When it comes to physical education instruction, you men and women are rock stars at making it fun, and over here at Air squares, we just dream about trying to keep up with you. While there are grander schemes than students having fun, fun is a beautiful serendipity of what we both do. That’s what allows us to dance together. (Dancing is fun, dancing together is more fun.)

Because Air Squares is such a contagious, keeps-you-wanting-more darned good time for most any age, not only we can help your school on the playground during recess, or in the after school program but also in the PE class.

SHAPE America

Take a look at the chart created by PhysEdReview (AKA, Kevin Tiller, 2015 Massachusetts Elementary TOY, @PhysEdReview on Twitter), and you’ll see how you and Air Squares can dance well together to do more than just have fun, which is a guaranteed outcome. (See what we did there?)

(Download here)

So… how to get one…

Here’s a few ideas about how to get a game without having to buy it with just your budget (or out of your own pocket, like you do for so many of the purchases you make for the good of your students!).

  • Partner with the parent-teacher association. Remember, because Air Squares is so portable, it can be used for school wide festivals, recess, or elementary after school programs.
  • Go up the food chain to see if your district will buy a few and lend them out to schools on a scheduled basis. You wouldn’t be the first district to go that route.
  • Do you have a school wish list? Perhaps there is a fitness minded parent who had the ability to gift it to you.

Check out what we have to offer- click here

Why Air Squares is an evangelism budget item

Here’s why Air Squares is an evangelism budget item.

Being ministry guys as well, we have a couple or three decades of heartburn regarding the challenge of funding a ministry. We only have so much money in a ministry budget (that’s an understatement!) and usually we need to fund raise on top of that, just to sustain a reasonably active student ministry.

If you’ve been in ministry (or business, for that matter) for a little while you’ve probably learned about the “funnel” or “pipeline”. It’s the concept that we have to reach as many people as possible because we realize every student we touch won’t be interested or stick around. BUT once we make that personal connection, we can nurture the relationship, leading them to an understanding of God’s love for them and how to grow to be like Jesus. Remember Paul’s words in Romans 10:14, “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” That’s funnel thinking.

Air Squares is a fantastic evangelism tool for reaching, which is the first step. So….

DON’T just play the game with “your” kids” on your turf. Take the game to the local park or hangout, and invite your kids to meet you there, and have them invite their friends to meet you there. For those of us who were raised in a Christian environment, we can’t imagine feeling nervous about entering onto church property. Yet many kids do, so let’s remove the barrier that exists, even if only in their own minds, and meet them for the first time on neutral turf. The beauty of the game play is the natural, organic connection that emerges as people play in community. Heck, the game is so simple (kind of like soccer) that you don’t even need to speak the same native tongue. Air Squares is a wise tool for mission trips.

So make sure your church leaders (and kids and parents too) understand it’s waaaay more than a fun game. It’s a powerful evangelism tool.

We’d love to partner with you in your call to serve. Our adjustable set allows you to use Air Squares with children, teens, or adults, so we’d love to hear your feedback! Will you consider investing in your own Air Squares and take your fun with you?


your biggest problem to solve in youth ministry

problem in youth ministry
As ministry leaders, we work hard to create a vision that leads students to know Jesus and to have a close relationship with Him. We pray, we plan, we budget, we build, we plan some more, we promote, we spend hours choosing or creating an engaging curriculum, we craft a meaningful message, we meticulously rehearse, we order supplies… and the To-Do list never seems to shrink.

And the kids we’re trying to reach? They have something in common: a question.

They’re all wondering what the answer is but wouldn’t dare just come right out and ask it. All the while, they are evaluating our request to come to the service, go to the camp, show up at the event.

 Here’s the question they are trying to answer without asking…

“Will it be fun?”

They think, “If it’s not, then I don’t want to go.”
And as leaders, we ask, “Really?” Yes, really. I know firsthand as a 20+ years student ministry leader.
I don’t want it to be true either. But, if we can’t even meet that one criteria, we might have no opportunity to build a relationship, create a community, or even lead them to Christ.
We created Air Squares with that reality in mind, in hopes of solving the biggest problem we faced. And guess what? It worked.
Air Squares is a magnet for participation… even with the shy wall flowers who wouldn’t normally venture onto the court no matter the game. With a short learning curve, this game levels the playing field in every way.
Certainly, we don’t have the corner on the market for engaging and community building games… But the portability and flexibility of Air Squares (indoor gym, camp ground, covered play area, church yard, community park, mission trip, beach trip, etc.) gives you access to an engaging game that never gets old.
We’d love to partner with you in your call to serve. Our adjustable set allows you to use Air Squares with children, teens, or adults, so we’d love to hear your feedback! Will you consider investing in your own Air Squares and take your fun with you?

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