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Hey Air Squares tribespeople, Greg Griffin here, owner and creator of Air Squares. I want to show you how to pack up quickly and effectively after you’ve had a blast playing our game.

When it’s time to pack up, focus a extra few moments to pack intentionally, like you would if packing a parachute, so it’s ready to deploy easily and quickly the next time you play. A carelessly packed net is not life or death, but it might feel like it when you open the bag the next time. Let’s get to it.

First, drop off the four poles so the net is resting on the ground.

Then, collect all eight spikes from the grass and bundle them together with the rubber bands provided. You’d be surprised how hard it can be to find the spikes after the ropes have been bundled up.

Three, on the top net, match the two same colored thimbles that were attached to the top of a pole and tie a loose overhand knot to keep each “corner’ together.

Four, envision that you’re folding up a picnic blanket. Take two of the corners of the top net and bring them together and tie another loose overhand knot a little further away from the thimbles end, toward the middle. If you’re working by yourself, go to the other side and repeat the process with the other two loose corners.

Five, now that you have two “ends”, take the two ends together with all the thimbles, and bring those together and tie one more loose overhand knot a little further away from the other two knots you have created, toward the middle.

Six, stuff all eight thimbles in the cotton drawstring bag to keep these from accidentally getting intertwined with other parts of the rope in the bag.

Seven, grab the rope about midway down the length of the bundle, and fold it back on itself and tie it together with the loose scrap of rope provided in the bag.

Eight, pack up the four corner ropes. Go to one of the corner stake ropes, grab the two “loop” ends and stick the tensioner ends of the rope over your thumb and adjust the length of the loop by using the other hand to pull bigger loops to about your arms’ length. Keep the two open loop ends of the rope (the one without the tensioners) in your hand and with your other hand, reach for the single thimble end and fold them together, making the total length shorter. Hold the ends of the rope you just gathered in one hand and bring the other ends together one more time, and then make a loose overhand knot to finish the deal and store it effectively.

Nine, break each pole down into three sections and put all 12 segments in the bag.

Ten, I like to put the four corner stake ropes on one side of the bag, and the top net rope on the other side of the bag to make it easier next time.

Make a last minute sweep of the game area to be sure all of the parts are in the bag, zip it up, throw it over your shoulder and you’re good to go.

Boom! There you go! You’re ready for the next time you take your fun with you, whether you’re going on a bus or a plane or a bike to the park, or just driving in your car. Got questions? We’ve got answers! Hit us up by reaching out on the contact us page of PlayAirSquares.com. So, go play Air Squares!

more than just a game

Think of Air Squares as more than just a game for your tribe.

Air Squares is an excellent evangelism tool for reaching new people!

Instead of playing with your group on the safety and familiarity of your home turf, take the game to the local park or hangout. Have your kids invite their friends to meet there. The beauty of the game play is the natural, organic connection that emerges as people play in community!

Going on a mission trip? The game is so simple (kind of like soccer) that you don’t even need to speak the same native tongue to enjoy it. It’s a great connection builder!

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