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Game Play

Playing a 9 square game is like playing 4 square on the ground, but in the air instead. With Air Squares, you have the option to set up a 4 square net or a 9 square net depending on your number of players. Similar to 4 square on the ground, the goal is to hit the ball out of your square and into another square.

The goal of a 9 square game like Air Squares is to keep the ball out of your square. If the ball lands in your square, you must hit it up and out of your square and into someone else’s. To begin, pick one square to be the king or queen square. If you’re playing with 9 squares, this is the middle square. The player in the king or queen square serves the ball. Click here to learn more about gameplay.

Everyone! Air Squares is a game for all ages. If you have smaller Air Squares players, all our sets have adjustable heights.

Set Up

If you’re playing with 4 squares, plan on setting up on a 25’ x 25’ flat area. The 9 Air Squares requires a 30’ x 30’ flat area. You start with the top net, then assemble the poles, followed by the anchors and the guy ropes. Once everything is ready, up it goes! Check out more instructions here!

The bag for Air Squares weighs 12 pounds and is 36 inches long, 6 inches tall, and 6 inches wide, so about the size of a chair you carry to the park. The entire Air Squares game fits in one bag, has a carry strap to fit over your shoulder, and easily stores underneath a seat in your car. We even include a drawstring backpack to carry your ball.


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