Game Objective

Advance through the 9 squares of the game to the center square and remain there for as long as possible.

Game Play

The game starts with a player occupying the center square, becoming the king/queen. the player serves the ball to any other square. The ball is then hit out of the top of the receiving player’s square and into another square. Each player is limited to hitting the ball once per turn. The game continues following this pattern until a player is eliminated.

Path direction when playing 9 Squares

NOTE: Players who want to join the game wait in a line at this location.

How To Get Eliminated

Player let's ball land on the ground
Player lets the ball through their square
Player touches the ball twice
Player double touches the ball
Player knocks ball out of bounds
Player hits the ball out of bounds
Player touches net
Player touches either the rope or the poles
Player holding ball
Player holds onto the ball
Player being a poor sport
Player acts like a poor sport
Eliminated player relocation

Eliminated Players

When a player is eliminated, they will have to exit the game and return to square one, unless there is a line of players waiting to join. In that case, the eliminated player will have to join the back of the line and wait for their turn to re-enter the game. 

The remaining players will continue to play in a clockwise manner, with each player moving up to fill the empty square. The game will continue until all 9 squares are filled, and the center player serves the ball to begin the next round.

Game Winner

Each time a player is eliminated from the game, the king/queen in the center square earns a point. Before starting the game, decide on the winning condition – either the game ends when a player accumulates a certain number of points (such as 7 points), or when a certain time limit is reached (such as 5 minutes) and the player with the most points at that time is declared the winner.

Casual Mode

Players can enjoy the game without keeping track of points. The main objective is to make it to the center square and stay there for as long as possible, adding an element of fun and excitement to the game.

New players can join in on the game at any time, giving everyone a chance to feel like a winner if they make it to the center square.

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