official rules

How Air Squares is played….

If the ball comes into your square, you must return the ball up through your square and into an opponent’s square or you’re out!

The goal of the game is get to King/Queen square and stay there!

To begin 4 Air Squares, pick one corner to be the King/Queen square. For 9 Air Squares, the King/Queen square is the middle square. The player here serves to begin play by serving to any square. When a player is out, every other player moves up one square closer (rotating counterclockwise) to the King/Queen square. The player who is out goes back to the entry square, or to the back of the queue waiting to enter the game.

the rules are really complicated.....

1. have fun!!

2. No Spikes when Serving

3. to serve, tap (don't throw) to any square

4. if needed, tap Up To three times to stay alive

5. touch the rope and you're out

6. when in doubt, do over

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