air squares
... on the grass
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air squares
... on the sand
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air squares
... even on the floor
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The world's first portable
4 square or 9 square game

the fun & easy way to bring a group together

lighter. less expensive. durable.

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9 square


IS IT DURABLE, you ask?


air squares carry bag

Hey, we’ve all loved 4 square since elementary school days, and even loved the PVC pipe stationary elevated 9 square game at camps in recent years. As a result, those fun memories inspired us to disrupt the paradigm and create Air Squares so playground fun could be portable, affordable and enjoyable most ANYwhere. 

30 day money back guarantee

tough and durable design

It's this easy!

detailed instructions on the About page
You can take this party wherever- to the beach, the backyard, the park, even inside a gym or play area. Air Squares packs up to fit in a lightweight travel bag (under 13 lbs!), ready to throw over your shoulder and go where you go. In other words, take your fun with you! It’s a perfect mix of versatility, strength and light weight to be game ready!

got questions? we've got answers!

it's fun for all ages, too!

The height is adjustable down to 5’4″ feet for little ones & all the way up to 7’11” feet for competitive ones.

proudly assembled and packaged in the USA

all kits include:

  • an easy to carry shoulder bag
  • the poles
  • the ropes
  • yard and beach anchors
  • a carry bag for your ball
  • surface anchor bags for hard surface play, inside or out

It's the NEXT BIG THING for your group, picnic, party, or backyard bash!

remember this from camp days?

air squares alternative

hey, it's fun to play, but all that pipe doesn't go anywhere very easily

NO MORE!! Air Squares is a GAME CHANGER!!

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